Achievable New Year's resolutions with free templates to help you reach your long-term goals

Get inspired with our practical ideas for achievable resolutions to take on in 2024. Set realistic goals, track your progress, and make an impact on your daily routine.

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With 2024 fast approaching, you might be thinking about how you want to improve and grow in the new year. Maybe you'd like to start exercising, take control of your finances, and travel more? Or you might just want to focus on your physical and mental health.

But making lasting changes and achieving long-term goals can be difficult, and if you've ever found it hard to stick to your resolutions — you're not alone. A recent study by Drive Research found that just 9% of people actually stick to their New Year's resolutions, with 23% quitting the first week of the year!

James Clear, author of "Atomic Habits", writes that: “Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations". So, if this year you're looking to make meaningful and lasting changes and actually stick to your resolutions — keep your goals realistic, start small, and build a routine of good habits.

Keep reading to discover ideas for achievable New Year's resolutions to make in 2024, and find tools that can help you turn them into a lasting routine, and reach your goals faster.

Start exercising

Exercising can have a great impact on your overall health, help you stay motivated, and feel more energized. It can also affect your mental health, as Ashish Sharma, M.D., explains in an article for the Prim Care Companion J Clin Psychiatry: "Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function".

Whether you're looking to improve your overall fitness, build muscle mass, or just feel better in general, this year consider committing to an exercise routine.

Workout plan

Workout plan template in Craft showing instructions and a customizable 'your plan' section.

If you want to turn your spontaneous workouts into a fitness routine, you need to break up your goals into smaller steps and build a realistic workout plan. With this customizable template, you can create a plan that suits your fitness goals, while keeping it as manageable or challenging as you want. It also comes with a progress tracker to help you stick to your schedule and keep you motivated.

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Habit tracker

Habit tracker template in Craft showing rest day, workout day, and rest day.

Research shows that tracking your habits increases the chance of these healthy behaviors becoming established — so a great way to turn your goals into a lasting routine is to start tracking your fitness habits.

With this habit tracker template, you can create daily checklists for habits you want to track, tick them off as you go, and get started on building a healthy fitness routine.

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Organize your budget and save money

Are you saving for a dream holiday, a big purchase, or financial security? Or maybe you're just trying to spend less money on fast food? If any of these sound familiar, taking control of your finances and putting money aside could be a great resolution for you to make in 2024.

Saving goals template

Sections for six goals in the saving goals template in Craft.

This saving goals template can help you can save up for your dream vacation, a new laptop, or just reach your savings goal for the year. It's built to help you stick to your plans by letting you track your progress, set realistic milestones, and celebrate small successes.

With this approach, you can turn saving into a habit, and make a lasting impact on how you manage your finances.

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Budget planner


Whatever your financial goals are, taking the time to plan your budget is an important step in reaching them. This budget planner template has everything you need to build a comprehensive budget, track your expenses, and start growing your savings. It's also fully customizable so you can build a plan that suits your or your family's needs.

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Improve your mental health

If you're experiencing increased levels of stress or anxiety, or you just want to look after yourself more in 2024 — taking care of your mental health might be the right resolution for you.

According to the National Institute for Mental Health: "Self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase your energy". This means that with the right tools, you can take charge of making meaningful changes to improve your mental health.

Mental health journal

Mental health journal in Craft showing instructions, an overview, and a mood tracker.

A good way to start is with a mental health journal, as journaling helps manage anxiety, reduce stress, and cope with depression.

With this mental health journal template, you can find ways to work on your well-being by tracking your emotions, discovering your triggers, and identifying negative patterns. This approach helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself — giving you the tools to make meaningful changes to your lifestyle and cope with difficult emotions.

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Gratitude journal


Another way to feel better this year is by experiencing more gratitude. In an article for Forbes, Nicole McDermott explains how gratitude can help control your emotions, protect you from the effects of stress, and feel more positive in general.

With this template, you can start your own gratitude journal and make a real impact on your mental health. Make sure to paste it into your calendar in Craft to keep track of your entries. This way you can not only build and stick to a routine but also look back on the good things that happened when times are hard.

↗️ Give the gratitude journal template a try.

Start a healthy diet

Building a healthy eating routine can impact both your physical and mental health, and help you reach your health and weight loss goals. It's also a way to feel great and energized every day.

So, if improving health is on your radar, starting a healthy diet is a great resolution to make in 2024.

Healthy meal plan

Healthy meal plan template in Craft.

With this healthy meal plan template, you can easily build a plan that suits your needs and start building healthy eating habits. Having a plan for your meals also makes grocery shopping easier, and meal prep less daunting — helping you stick to your routine, and make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.

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Mindful eating journal

Mindful eating journal template showing the morning reflection and breakfast sections.

Another way to ensure your body is getting exactly what it needs, and meet your wellness goals, is to get started on an intuitive eating journey. A registered dietitian Colleen Christensen explains what intuitive eating is and how it can help you reach your health and weight loss goals. She also makes a case for writing a mindful eating journal to help you reach your intuitive eating goals.

With this mindful eating journal template, you can log your meals over time, and keep notes about your emotions and fullness levels. This process could help you get started on building a healthy intuitive eating routine, and meet your health goals in 2024.

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Learn new skills and grow your knowledge

There are more benefits to learning than you might think. A study from Oxford University and the Workers Educational Association of England and Scotland found that taking classes outside of work helped participants grow self-confidence, build and strengthen relationships, and improve their overall well-being.

So, whether you're looking to finally learn the language you've been putting off for so long, or you're hoping to get a promotion this year, consider adding learning something new to the list of your New Year's resolutions.

Personal learning hub

Learning topics and general knowledge sections of the personal learning hub template in Craft.

While not everyone has the time and opportunity to take classes or enroll in a course, with the right tools you can take control of your own learning journey.

With this template, you can build a personal learning hub and keep up with your educational goals. You can also store and organize multiple types of resources. Links you paste into your hub will appear as smart links that show relevant information about the resource, letting you find what you're looking for more easily.

You can also set and track your learning milestones, all in one space. Tracking your progress will keep you motivated, and help you build a routine.

↗️ Give the personal learning hub template a try.

Reading tracker

Reading tracker template in Craft showing stats and a creative selection sections.

One more way to grow your knowledge this year is to find more time to read books. Try this reading tracker template and build a list of books you want to read, track your progress, and make reading a habit.

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Find a new job or get a promotion

If you're currently spending most of your week in a job you don't enjoy, which also doesn't contribute to your life goals — it could be affecting your mental health and might lead to burnout.

Job satisfaction and work-life balance are important factors in living a happy and fulfilling life. So, if you're not happy with your current role, you believe you're ready for a promotion, or maybe you'd prefer a remote role instead of an on-site one — finding a new job or getting promoted might be the right resolution for you to make in 2024.

Job application tracker

Job applications tracker template in Craft showing instructions and tracking table.

Looking for a new job can be challenging — so it's a good idea to start with the right tools. This job applications tracker helps you make your job search easier and more organized. You can keep track of positions you've applied for, log the status of your applications, and make a list of follow-up actions. By organizing your applications into pages, you can also add as much detail as you want, and even include an interview prep, while keeping it all in one space.

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Professional development plan

Professional development plan template in Craft showing sections.

If you enjoy your current job, but you'd like to advance in your career, your resolution this year could be to try to get a promotion.

One way to get there is to create a roadmap for your professional goals. You can do this easily with this professional development plan template. It's built to help you break your goals down into manageable steps, outline the skills you need to gain, and create a realistic plan of action. This way you can keep up the pace, track your progress, and reach your goals faster.

↗️ Give the professional development plan template a go.

Travel more

If your travel plans have been on hold since the pandemic, or you'd simply like to see more of the world, 2024 might be the year to revisit your travel bucket list.

While we all have places we'd like to see, it can be difficult to find time or money in the budget to do it. So, this year consider your resolution to be making realistic travel plans and actually booking your dream holiday.

Travel wish list

Travel wish list template in Craft showing travel itineraries for three destinations.

One way to achieve this is by building or updating your bucket list with this travel wish list template. It lets you create an itinerary and plan your future trips, helping you better understand the time and budget you'll need to make them happen. This structured approach helps you turn a bucket list into concrete travel plans, and make sure you reach your travel goals this year.

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Trip planner

Trip planner template in Craft showing flights&hotel, itinerary, expenses, and tasks and planning checklist.

Once you decide where you want to go, mark it in your calendar, and find room for it in your budget – it's time to make a comprehensive travel plan. With this trip planner template, you can build a complete itinerary for your next trip, and keep all your travel information in one place. You can also easily share it with your travel companions and collaborate on making your dream holiday happen.

↗️ Take the trip planner template for a spin.

Write down your resolutions and track your progress

New Year's resolutions tracker template in Craft showing instructions and cards for three resolutions.

If you're feeling inspired, get this New Year's resolutions tracker template, write down your resolutions, and achieve more by tracking your progress throughout the year.

Sharing your resolutions with your close ones can help you commit to your goals. So, after you pick yours, share this tracker with a friend, and get started on making a lasting impact on your health and lifestyle in 2024.

↗️ Give the New Year's resolutions tracker template a go.

Using Craft to help you reach your goals faster

If you want to learn to set realistic goals and build lasting habits — Craft is the right tool for you. It lets you track your progress and keep your goals organized in one space.

You can use one of our existing trackers, or build your own. For example, whenever you need to add more details to your goals, tasks, or actions —  you can turn your content into cards and pages, keeping it all within one doc.

It's easier to reach your goals by sharing your commitments with friends, so Craft makes sharing your plans and progress easy — helping you stay on track. You can also collaborate on your goals and projects by inviting people to your space.


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