How Craft gives superpowers to engineering teams

Empower your engineering team to work better; with the help of real-time collaboration, a powerful AI assistant, and our popular Daily Notes.

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Our latest YouTube video looks at the fictional life of one engineering team as they take an idea from a hackathon and bring it to life, all while navigating the everyday problems that teams have to face.

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Inspired by this video, we wanted to share in more detail some of the ways Craft can supercharge your product & engineering teams:

How Craft empowers product and engineering teams

1. Collaborate on ideas; from concept to completion

Like a seed needs water, light, and nutrients in order to grow, ideas need energy, time and effort to come to life. Craft enables your team to cultivate ideas together, nurturing them from concept to completion.

Whether you’re fleshing out ideas in a document, gathering feedback from a colleague, or conducting an incident post-mortem, Craft lets you do this together in a quick, sleek document editor with real-time collaboration.

2. Effortless alignment

Keeping everyone in the loop is essential for a project’s success. With Craft, teams can provide structured daily updates that are accessible to anyone in the company. This ensures that all stakeholders, regardless of their department or location, are informed about the progress of the project. Just as importantly, these structured updates provide an opportunity to reflect and debrief each day so you can pick up the next morning where you left off.

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3. AI when you need it

Our AI Assistant is there to take the strain out of the workday. Use the power of AI to summarize documentation, generate ideas, create outlines, and more. We've also integrated AI into the Craft experience - meaning Craft intelligently, yet subtly, offers you what you need, when you need it.

4. Your best work. Anywhere.

Ideas strike at random and, let’s face it, sometimes leave just as quickly! Craft works on multiple platforms meaning you can capture an idea on your iPhone when it strikes and refine the idea in the office from your computer. No matter if you’re on Mac, iOS, Windows, or the web, Craft lets you do your best work, wherever you are.

5. Brace for impact

Create and share stunning documents in just a few clicks. Craft’s intuitive design makes it quick and easy to create documents that make an impact. Plus, with hundreds of templates to choose from, you’ll never be short of inspiration.

Whether you’re creating documentation or meeting agendas; release notes or proposals, Craft makes sure whatever you make won’t go unnoticed.

Want to see more about using Craft as an engineering team? Starting very soon, our engineers will be sharing regular updates on the blog about how they’re building Craft and what they’re learning along the way. Stay tuned for more!

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