Create an effective resume, stand-out cover letter, and a stunning portfolio to land your dream job

Learn how to craft a stand-out job application and discover free tools to help you land your dream job.

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In today's competitive job market, making sure you stand out is more important than ever. Whether you're looking to land your dream job, searching for your first role out of college, or hoping for a career change — having the right tools can help you get there faster.

When it comes to career growth, it's not just about having the right skills and experiences; it's also about presenting them effectively. Keep reading to find out how to get started, and discover free templates to help you build a successful resume, write a great cover letter, and create a stunning portfolio.

Catch the attention of your future employer with a strong resume

These days, applying for any job on LinkedIn or Glassdoor can take less than 10 seconds, so hiring managers get hundreds of applications for each role.

A resume is the first thing the hiring manager will see before they decide whether to spend more time on your application — so you have to make sure yours stands out. Here's how you can do that.

How to write a stand-out resume

To build a strong resume make sure it includes the right information — and that doesn't mean all of it. Highlight your skills and experience relevant to the role and don't go into unnecessary detail or mention skills you're not proficient in.

Start your resume with a great overview to catch attention early. Highlight the most relevant experiences that best show why you're the right choice for the role. Make sure you show evidence of your skills and experience. This could be relevant data, examples, or any professional achievements.

It's also important to spend enough time on the structure of your resume. The right layout will make it more readable, helping your future employer find the most relevant information easily.

And remember — it's always worth taking a second look to try to spot areas for improvement. You can also ask someone else for feedback. Share pages in Craft make it easy to share your resume and gain valuable insights.

Free resume builder

Resume builder template in Craft showing professional overview, contact details, experience, education, and skills sections.

If you're still using the same resume you applied for your current job with 5 years ago, or you just want to make sure you get it right — this resume builder is a great place to start.

This free template covers all the essential categories of a comprehensive resume and includes expert advice to help you highlight the important details. It's also fully customizable so you can tailor it to your preferences and the job you're applying for.

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Show why you're right for the role with an expert cover letter

Once you've caught the attention of the hiring manager with a great resume, a well-crafted cover letter can help you seal the deal and get the first interview.

Writing a tailored cover letter for each role is not just an opportunity to list your skills and experiences, but to explain why they make you a perfect fit. It's what lets you shape the narrative, show your enthusiasm, and help your future employer understand the relevance of your experience. Here's how to write a cover letter that really stands out.

How to write a great cover letter

The first thing to remember is that a well-crafted cover letter doesn't just repeat your resume, but expands on how your experience makes you right for the role. Make sure to reinforce your point with data and examples, while keeping it relevant and engaging.

Don't forget to show genuine enthusiasm for the role and interest in the company you want to join. But don't focus too much on how big an opportunity it would be for you — instead, write about how your skills and experience can benefit the company.

Finally, use the right tone of voice and an appropriate greeting and sign-off. Visiting the company's website before you start is a great way to gain insights into the tone of voice. It can also help you better understand the company's values and priorities, so you can write a letter that reflects how your own values align with those of the company.

Free cover letter builder

Cover letter builder template in Craft showing instructions, and personal information section.

Our free cover letter builder guides you in writing a successful cover letter that will resonate with your future employer. This customizable template adapts to every job and industry, so you can use it to write a letter that matches any role you want to apply for.

It also comes with expert advice to help you write a letter that reflects your experience and enthusiasm, and make sure it stands out. And, with our built-in AI assistance, it's easier than ever to find the right words.

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Showcase your skills and unique style with a creative portfolio

If you're an artist, a photographer, or a designer, the best way to show that you're right for the job is by showcasing your work in a visually stunning portfolio.

While it's already a requirement for some jobs, when applying for a creative role it's always a good idea to support your application with a portfolio. Showcasing your work is what lets your future employer know that you have the required skills and that your style matches that of the company. Knowing this makes it easier for them to decide to move on with your application.

Free portfolio template


Whether you're a photographer, a digital designer, or an artist, this template adapts to your needs and helps you get started on building your own portfolio.

Starting with a good template makes it easy to select and structure your work for a well-organized and visually stunning result. You can also easily share it with a customizable link, and your portfolio will display like a perfectly crafted website.

You can make your portfolio reflect your brand and style with Craft's advanced styling tools. By using cards and pages, you can add as many sections as you need. You can also easily arrange images in a way that works for you, create a stunning background, and add a personalized header to match your brand.

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Try our free templates and get started on a journey to landing your perfect job. Build and share a perfectly crafted resume and cover letter, create a visually stunning portfolio, and get closer to your career goals.

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