Craft For Individuals

Life + Craft = unstoppable

Hatching plans, smashing goals, chasing dreams – wherever you’re headed, Craft will take you there

Awesomely organized

When you need to get life done, head for your sweet spot in Craft where planning and organizing really is as effortless as legend has it.

Travel planning or big day organizing, novel writing or side-hustling; whatever you need to get done, crush it all in Craft’s fabled, intuitive UI.

It’s there you’ll find one beautiful, uncluttered space where you can quickly organize your big ambitions, easily join the dots across your adventurous plans, and smash the small stuff without breaking a sweat.

Beautifully executed

A sleek header here, a beautiful layout there, Craft devours other apps for breakfast when it comes to effortless, intuitive note-taking, and dazzling document creation.

Online CVs or big trip planning, side-gig flyers, or renovation masterplans; we’ve given you infinite ways to capture and create the bold ideas and audacious plans that make life happen.

From dozens of stunning click-and-go templates to our legendary feature-packed toolkit, to limitless ways to organize when it’s all done, Craft is fully loaded for fabulous so you can grab life by the balls and make it happen – beautifully.

Brilliantly shareable

Ambitions, lists, and event plans; goals, projects, and resumes; doing things together means doing things bigger, brighter ... and better.

Jump into Craft and invite friends, family, and co-conspirators along for the ride using secret links, shared spaces, and real-time collaboration – then revel in the magic that happens when people connect.

“Life couldn’t be easier after finding Craft, I am finally the organized person I have always wanted to be.

From chores to Christmas gifts, tax returns to travel, I now have a Craft doc to keep me on track.

What’s even better it is so simple to use with friends and family, I have a space for whoever I collaborate with, arranging travel and parties with friends has never been so fun!”

Caroline Campbel,
Caroline Campbel
App Store Best of2021 Mac App of the Year
Apple Design AwardsFinalist in 2021

Take impactful to a whole new level

Always with you

Organize any time, anywhere across your entire ecosystem – on or offline

Easy to use

Just open, write and organize – no interruptions, no heavy-lifting, no steep learning curve

Works your way

Personalize to your heart’s content – you run the app, not the other way round

Powerful Features

Blocks, tables and markdown, subpages, cards and bi-directional linking – Craft is jammed with brilliant features that make styling and formatting a breeze

Get in or get out

Super-fast import and export – and easy handling of multiple file types

Offline first

Native iOS stores content on your devices, so you’ll never lose your flow

Beautiful sharing

Quickly share with your clients, across your team – or just with your BFF

You’re not alone

Probably the best app community in the world

We’re here to help

The best support team in the world. Period.