Book development template in Craft showing instructions and overview.

Book development template

Kickstart your novel with this book development template. Streamline your story development for a more engaging and structured writing experience.

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Embark on a journey of crafting your story with our comprehensive book development template. This tool guides aspiring authors through the essential stages of developing a captivating book. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a novice with a burning story inside, this template is your roadmap to transforming ideas into compelling narratives.

What's Inside this book development template?

Concept development: Start with the bedrock of your story: the concept. This section helps in crystallizing your central idea, exploring underlying themes, and brainstorming potential titles. It's where your book begins to take its first breath.

Character development: Characters breathe life into your story. Here, you'll flesh out your protagonists, antagonists, and the supporting cast, as well as go into their motivations, arcs, and the roles they play in the narrative.

Worldbuilding: Build the world where your story unfolds. Detail its settings, establish the rules, and paint the cultural landscape. This section is crucial for creating an immersive and believable universe for your characters.

Plot development: Outline the backbone of your story. This part involves structuring your narrative into a beginning, middle, and end, identifying key events, and diving into conflicts and resolutions to create an engaging plot.

Style and voice: Define the narrative style and tone of your book. Consistency in voice and style is key to a coherent and engaging read. This section helps in maintaining the unique voice that resonates throughout your story.

Writing plan and progress: Set realistic writing goals and keep track of your progress. The template includes specially designed tables for daily, weekly, and monthly progress, making sure you stay on track throughout your writing journey.

Make an impact:

Structured approach: Navigate through the complex process of book writing with a clear and organized method.

Creative clarity: Helps in maintaining focus on the creative aspects of writing, reducing the overwhelming effect of managing multiple story elements.

Progress tracking: The integrated tracking tables for daily, weekly, and monthly writing achievements serve as a powerful motivational tool, helping reach with your writing goals.

Get started

If you're ready to bring your story to life, this book development template is your first step toward that goal, and your companion on your creative journey. Step into the world of structured creativity and witness your story unfold one page at a time. Start your writing adventure today!

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