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Check-in meeting agenda

Boost team alignment and morale with our Check-in Meeting Agenda template - your gateway to efficient and meaningful team connections.

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In a fast-paced business environment, it's vital to still find time to sync with your team. These meetings are a chance to check on employee well-being, remove blockers, and ensure alignment with the company's overall goals. Whether you’re remote, hybrid, or in a traditional office setup, ensuring everyone is aligned and focused is key to driving success.

What is a Check-in Meeting?

Check-in meetings (a common type of 1 on 1 meeting) are regular touchpoints designed for teams to share their updates, discuss priorities, and address any concerns. Instead of getting lost in a flurry of ad hoc communications, these meetings provide a structured platform to align everyone on goals, challenges, and action steps. They aren't just reserved for managers and their teams - they can be useful for any groups of collaborators.

This kind of meeting can cover:

  • Personal reflections and updates
  • The week's achievements and challenges
  • Alignment on key priorities 
  • Discussing potential obstacles 
  • Crafting actionable next steps

When to Use a Check-in Meeting Agenda

Are you feeling that your team's communication could be more streamlined? Or perhaps, despite regular chats, there's a sense of misalignment or missed opportunities? That's when the Check-in Meeting Agenda comes to the rescue. By facilitating open communication, this agenda promotes a proactive approach, ensuring that everyone stays on track. The exact cadence of check-in meetings doesn't matter as long as they're done on a regular basis. Most managers tend to do them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

How to Use This Check-in Meeting Agenda

Our Check-in Meeting Agenda template offers a concise yet comprehensive framework to keep your meeting meaningful and productive.

  1. The Check-in meeting agenda can be sent to your team member in advance for them to add talking points to before the meeting. 
  2. Start the meeting by providing a space to discuss what's on your direct report's mind. Ideally that would cover both the highs and the lows of the week, celebrating the highs and addressing any concerns mentioned in the lows. 
  3. Discuss the intentions for the week. This is a chance to ensure your direct report's priorities are aligned with the team and the company's priorities.
  4. Discuss any pressing topics, questions, or news that could impact the team or its goals.
  5. Conclude by listing action items or next steps so important takeaways aren't lost. 

The check-in meeting agenda can be referred back to after the meeting, which is particularly useful for compiling quarterly meetings or annual reviews

FAQ About the Check-in meeting agenda Template

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